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History & Priorities

Deasoft in a Nutshell

Deason Software was registered as an Australian business name in early 2003 and the domain name was registered in March 2003. In the early days deasoft only resold USA Web Hosting. But very quickly our first dedicated server was leased in the USA and we took total control of all aspects of Hosting. More USA dedicated servers were added and not long afterwards we finally also leased dedicated servers in Australia, starting in Brisbane. The next major step we took was back in 2010 to setup our own hardware in Datacenters in Australia. Today we have a mixture of leased overseas servers and owned local servers (hardware) in Australia, with a network spanning Australia, USA, and Europe.

Deasoft is also heavily involved in Designing and Developing various Software products for the Web Hosting Industry. Presently these include AutoBillMe (Automated Billing System), WHMreseller (CPanel Alpha/Master Reseller Plugin) and DAreseller (DirectAdmin Alpha/Master Reseller Plugin). We also pride ourselves on coding most of our own in-house software for managing all aspects of running our business.

Our core priorities are delivering high service quality, continuing service reliability and data protection. After many years of operating in the Hosting Industry we have learnt some important principles. Namely to keep hardware setups simple and to be patient regarding new technologies. Everyone wants the latest features and the latest performance gains however we've learnt patience is important regarding new technologies. We're also particularly paranoid when it comes to protecting client data, we always religously maintain local and remote backups for ALL our hosting products.

First Class Facilities

Australia, USA & Europe

Our Australian servers are housed in Melbourne's Equinix ME1 Datacenter and Sydney's Tuggerah Datacenter. Our USA servers are housed in New York's Equinix Datacenter with "". Our European servers are housed in Hetzner's Nuremberg Data Center Park in Germany. The vast majority of our clientelle comes from Australia and we are 100% Australian Owned and Operated, based in Melbourne, Australia.


  • Business Names: DEASOFT,
  • Business Formed: March 2003
  • Head Office: Point Cook,
  • Victoria, Australia
  • ABN: 54 897 681 634
  • Locations: Melbourne, Sydney,
  • New York, Nuremberg
  • Datacenters: EQUINIX &

Equinix ME1 Datacenter

Network Status

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