History & Priorities

Deasoft in a Nutshell

Deason Software is a leading Australian Web Hosting and Software company with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Since the registration of our Australian business name in early 2003 and the acquisition of the domain name deasoft.com in March 2003, we have been committed to providing exceptional web hosting solutions.

At Deasoft, we understand the importance of robust hosting infrastructure. Initially, we solely focused on reselling another business's USA Web Hosting services. However, as our business grew rapidly, we quickly expanded our reach. In no time, we leased our first dedicated server in the USA, which marked a significant technical milestone for us. No longer were we relying on the technical expertise of others as we became self-taught server administrators. Encouraged by our success, we continued to add more USA dedicated servers and soon ventured into leasing dedicated servers in Australia, starting in Melbourne.

In 2010, we took our next leap forward by co-locating our physical servers in Data centers across Australia. Today, our hosting network spans Australia, the USA, and Europe, combining a combination of leased overseas servers and locally owned servers (hardware) in Australia. This strategic approach enables us to deliver exceptional performance and unparalleled reliability to our clients.

Deasoft not only excels in web hosting but also actively participates in designing and developing various software products specifically tailored for the web hosting industry. Our current product lineup includes WHMreseller, a cPanel Alpha/Master Reseller Plugin, and DAreseller, a DirectAdmin Alpha/Master Reseller Plugin. We take immense pride in our in-house coding expertise, which not only enables us to manage our own business but also helps other Web hosting businesses to do likewise worldwide.

As a customer-centric company, we prioritize high service quality, unwavering service reliability, and robust data protection. With our extensive experience in the hosting industry, we have gained valuable insights and principles. We understand the significance of keeping hardware setups simple and exercising patience with new technologies. While everyone desires the latest features and performance gains, we believe in taking a measured approach when adopting new technologies. Moreover, safeguarding client data is our utmost priority. We religiously maintain local and remote backups for all our hosting products to ensure maximum data security.

So the way forward for your business is simple. Simply choose Deason Software for the best web hosting services. Whether you require e-commerce hosting, dedicated server hosting, Apache virtual host configuration, green hosting options, or Linux hosting solutions, we have got you covered. We aim to provide the best web hosting for small businesses, utilizing cutting-edge cloud web hosting technologies and offering specialized WordPress web hosting services.

Experience the difference with Deason Software and unlock a world of unlimited web space and exceptional hosting services. Contact us today to discuss your web hosting needs and let our experts guide you toward the perfect hosting solution for your business. Let us provide you with the best low-cost web hosting you've ever seen.

First Class Facilities

Australia, USA & Europe

Our Australian servers are located in Melbourne and Sydney while our European servers are hosted in Finnland with Hetzner. The vast majority of our clientele comes from Australia and we are 100% Australian Owned and Operated, based in Melbourne, Australia.


  • Business Names: DEASOFT,
  • Business Formed: March 2003
  • Head Office: Kilmore,
  • Victoria, Australia
  • ABN: 54 897 681 634
  • Locations: Melbourne, Sydney,
  • Las Vegas, Nuremberg
  • Data centers: EQUINIX &

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