What happens to the login details I enter into this tool? How do I know they won't be stolen or used nefariously?

Answer:Truthfully there is no way to prove our claim that your login details are not stored or kept in any way, it comes down to a matter of whether you choose to trust us or not. As the owner of Deasoft, I can assure you that this tool does not store any of your login details in any way (logs/files/etc), it does not store ANY data, I have made sure of that. I can also state that we use this tool ourselves as a Web Hosting business and we also recommend it to our reseller clients to reduce our support loads. Ultimately if you feel uncomfortable using this tool then don't and instead follow our guide for migrating from cPanel to DirectAdmin manually. Also, note this CGI script does have a debug function that can be turned on in the event we encounter errors that need debugging. In this case, we will take the tool offline while debugging is being carried out.

So what exactly does this tool do? How does it work?

Answer: It's a C/C++ CGI script that accepts your login details and then connects to the remote cpanel server you want to migrate accounts from using cURL and the cPanel API. First, it requests a WHM account listing then it enters a migration loop, migrating each account sequentially (one at a time), so it doesn't overload the remote host. It uses cURL and the cPanel API to connect to the cpanel server to generate a backup that is to be FTP'ed to the provided directory in the DirectAdmin reseller account. The script determines if a single account backup has completed migrating by checking the remote DirectAdmin reseller account directory via a cURL FTP connection to see if the backup has arrived. This is how it decides when to start the next account migration in the migration loop, once the backup arrives and the transfer finishes it moves on to the next account. When a single account does migrate successfully it also uses a cURL FTP connection to the DirectAdmin reseller directory provided to then rename the backup-xxxx.tar.gz file to the cpmove-xxx.tar.gz format that DirectAdmin recognizes. It returns results to the browser as each account is successfully migrated and once all migrations have been completed it returns the completion message and exits. At this point, all login details you entered are dropped/discarded, and gone. There are no files kept that record login details, and none of the data you entered is stored in any way. There are also no debug logs kept either.

Note: All API connections made via cURL are over SSL and all FTP connections made via cURL are with the --ftp-ssl option (FTPES). This means cURL will first attempt to negotiate a secure connection (FTPES), however, if this fails it will default to the standard plain-text protocol FTP.

Use at own risk

While every effort has been made to ensure this migration tool is secure, when you click "Begin Migration" you are using this migration tool at your own risk. Deasoft will not be held liable for any unforeseen damages caused.