DAreseller V1

The First Alpha Reseller and Master Reseller Plugin for DirectAdmin !

DAreseller Plugin V1

The First Alpha/Master Reseller Plugin for DirectAdmin

What is DAreseller?

DAreseller is the DirectAdmin version of WHMReseller. It adds 2 new levels of Reselling to DirectAdmin servers, Alpha Resellers, and Master Resellers. Alpha Resellers have reseller rights to create Master Resellers, Resellers, and User accounts, while Master Resellers have reseller rights to create Resellers and User accounts.

Put another way DAreseller is a plugin for DirectAdmin that allows hosting resellers to create and manage reseller accounts within their own DirectAdmin control panel. Essentially, it allows resellers to become hosting providers themselves, creating and managing their own clients' resellers and standard user accounts. This is particularly useful for web developers and designers who want to offer hosting services to their clients. They may have a client who wants a reseller control panel themselves, which DAreseller makes possible. Generally speaking, DAreseller allows Alpha and Master resellers to better maintain control over their hosting environment and provide a more seamless experience for their clients. A detailed list of features is below:

DAreseller Reseller Rights and Features

New features & improvements being added with every release


  • Clean easy to use Interface
  • Does NOT use PHP/MySQL
  • NO WHMCS module needed
  • Free automated updates
  • Fast simple Installation
  • Integrates with DirectAdmin Packages
  • Maintains its own Backups
  • Regular patches/updates
  • Uses lastest Bootstrap
  • Reasonably priced
  • Highly flexible billing


  • Create Alpha/Master Resellers
  • Edit Alpha/Master Resellers
  • Upgrade Reseller to Master
  • Upgrade Master to Alpha
  • Downgrade Alpha to Master
  • Downgrade Master to Reseller
  • Suspend Alpha/Master
  • Terminate Alpha/Master
  • Monitor Alpha/Master Usage
  • Change Master Ownership
  • Change Reseller Ownership
  • Create/Edit Alpha Packages
  • Create/Edit Master Packages
  • Create/Edit Reseller Packages
  • Import Alpha's/Masters

Alpha Resell Rights

  • Create Master & Reseller
  • Edit Master & Reseller
  • Upgrade Reseller to Master
  • Downgrade Master to Reseller
  • Downgrade Reseller to User
  • Suspend Master/Reseller
  • Terminate Master/Reseller
  • Monitor Master/Reseller Usage
  • Change Reseller Ownership
  • Change User Ownership
  • Create/Edit Master Packages
  • Create/Edit Reseller Packages

Master Resell Rights

  • Create Resellers
  • Edit Resellers
  • Upgrade User to Reseller
  • Downgrade Reseller to User
  • Suspend Reseller
  • Terminate Reseller
  • Monitor Reseller Usage
  • Change User Ownership
  • Create/Edit Reseller Packages


DAreseller Screenshots

Showing the Admin, Alpha & Master Interfaces

Admin Dash

Admin Alphas

Admin Masters

Admin Resellers

Admin Tools

Admin Create Alpha

Admin Create Master

Alpha Dash

Alpha Masters

Alpha Resellers

Alpha Tools

Alpha Create Master

Alpha Create Reseller

Master Dash

Master Resellers

Master Tools

Installation Instructions

Trial DAreseller for Free for 7 days

To install DAreseller simply ssh into your DirectAdmin server as the root user and execute the following commands:

  • cd /usr/local/directadmin/plugins
  • wget http://deasoft.com/dainstall.cpp
  • g++ dainstall.cpp -o dainstall
  • chmod 700 dainstall
  • ./dainstall
  • rm dainstall
  • rm dainstall.cpp

System Requirements

Server with DirectAdmin running on it

DAreseller can be installed on any DirectAdmin server by the root user.