The importance of backups and how to use the DirectAdmin Backup function

Try to manually backup your website at least once a month Last Updated: Thu, Feb 01, 2024

Why and How Often Do You Need to generate Backups?

A website backup is an important collection of all your data, files, and databases. Generating and storing regular backups will prevent data loss if something happens and your current site breaks down.

If you don't generate regular backups, you could lose essential data through your own mistakes or through hardware failures. Regular backups are especially important If you're running an online eCommerce business in which you need to process customer orders and invoices. If the worst was to happen a backup could minimise damage and prevent your business form losing the trust of your customers.

While hosting providers do keep their own backups (at least they should), no system is 100% reliable and secure. According to in 2024 there are 810 million websites (43% of all websites) that use WordPress. As a result WordPress is a popular target for malware infections and hacking attempts. In fact, according to there are around 90,000 attacks on WordPress websites per minute. These are due to various WordPress vulnerabilities 52% of them are due to WordPress plugins, and 11% are due to WordPress themes. This makes it crucial to ensure that the WordPress themes and plugins you install come from credible sources.

Furthermore, there's always the chance you might come across an error while updating WordPress files, themes, and plugins. Incomplete or corrupted data and files can result in your website failing to load correctly, likely requiring you to restore the site to a previous version.

The general rule of thumb is to generate a backup every time you make significant updates. But we recommend you also setup your own scheduled regular backups by using a backup service, depending on how frequently you update your site. While we keep at least weekly local and remote backups of all client accounts, we still recommend clients also manually generate their own backups at least once every few months and stored the backup on your local PC.